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Oral-Motor Training Activity Book for Young Children

Parents may overlook the implications of oral motor disorders that can affect young children’s ability in pronunciation and speech. With the aim to enrich parents’ understanding of oral-motor disorders and its influence on language development of young children, this book is compiled to highlight oral-motor therapy in the areas of drooling, swallowing, blowing and sucking, and offers over forty oral-motor training activities for pre-school to primary school students to practise at home.

The book was written by the Speech Therapist Team of Heep Hong Society, and published by Sing Tao Publishing Ltd.

Membership Price:
HK$80 (applicable to parents of children at Heep Hong centres, members of Heep Hong Parents' Association and members of the Junior Gateway Club)


Child Talk: A Language Development Toolkit for Parents

Child Talk: A Language Development Toolkit for Parents

Play is the key to unlock children’s potential in the domains of intellectual, physical, language, social emotional development, as well as problem-solving, creativity and logical thinking. Written by the speech therapist team of Heep Hong Society, Child Talk consists of 75 activities for promoting children’s language and cognitive development from birth to six years. Parents will find a myriad of ideas of using simple games and everyday activities to motivate children to learn and communicate. The activities are designed to enhance parent-child interaction while developing children’s language potential in a natural and enjoyable way. Each chapter presents an overview of language ability and key learning points at a particular developmental stage, paired with 15 easy-to-follow activities. The activities are built on children’s interests and include a set of learning objectives, materials used, steps and targeted vocabulary/sentence structures. Parents can make use of daily objects at home to play with their children, which can, in fact, provide a lot of fun and learning opportunities. Child Talk also includes 18 frequently asked questions in the areas of oromotor, articulation and language development. The answers to those questions will equip parents with the essential knowledge of children’s speech and language development. Published by Sing Tao Publishing Ltd., Child Talk is available in local bookstores. Members of the Society can enjoy a discounted price at the Society's centres.