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Heep Hong Society

Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions

In order to early identify and support preschool children and families in need, the Social Welfare Department officially launched the three-year "Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions" in the 2018-2019 school year. Heep Hong Society has joined the scheme since February 2019, providing professional social work services to 32 pre-primary institutions to support the children, their parents/caregivers and the teaching staff. 

By 2023, the Social Welfare Department started to implement the district-based "Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions" in four service districts and we began to serve the pre-primary Institutions in Sham Shui Po 3 District on 1st August 2023.

Service Goals
  • To early identify preschool children and their family members at potential risk, provide immediate intervention, professional counseling, referral services, etc. 
  • To cultivate positive emotions in preschool children, establish healthy social interactions, and strengthen children’s resilience and problem-solving ability 
  • To organize therapeutic groups, parent education groups or programs to help parents coping with the challenges in parenting and child care
  • To strengthen parent-child relationship and communication, and consolidate family relationships
  • To support teaching staff to identify and respond to the needs of pre-school children by providing professional consultation
  • To strengthen partnership between pre-primary institutions and district units by establishing support network
Service Targets

Pre-school children, their family members and teaching staff who are served by our “Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions” teams.

Service Content


  • Provide social training, emotion management, and adaptation activities for preschool children to prepare primary school life
  • Organize parenting education groups and programs for parents
  • Provide child-protection related training to teaching staff


  • Provide professional counselling, groups and programs for preschool children and their families
  • Conduct regular case conferences with teaching staff to address the developmental needs of preschool children and their families


  • Provide crisis management and professional consultation for cases in need
  • Provide therapeutic groups for parents/carers to improve their mental and emotional health
Application Method

Please contact the school social workers or personnel of pre-primary institutions.

Exit Method

1.    The agreed counselling plan and goals have been achieved
2.    Personal reason
(*If parents intend to withdraw from the service for their children due to personal reasons, they have to contact the social work supervisor directly)

Serving Preschool Units (in no particular order)

List of schools under the pilot scheme for Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions:

1.    Lick Hang Kindergarten
2.    Lick Hang Kindergarten(Leafy Branch)
3.    Anani Kindergarten
4.    Peace Evangelical Centre Kindergarten (Ngau Tau Kok)
5.    Heep Hong Society Healthy Kids Nursery School
6.    Women's Welfare Club Western District Hong Kong Ap Lei Chau Kindergarten
7.    Moe Kindergarten
8.    Wisely Kindergarten
9.    Christian And Missionary Alliance Church Verbena Kindergarten
10.    Christian Adrianne Kindergarten
11.    Christian Adrianne Kindergarten (Bayview)
12.    Sin Ching Kindergarten
13.    Lutheran Philip House Oi Lun Nursery School
14.    St. Clare's Primary School- Kindergarten
15.    Gigamind Kindergarten
16.    Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien Kindergarten
17.    Cherish English School & Kindergarten
18.    Heep Hong Society Shanghai Fraternity Association Healthy Kids Kindergarten

List of schools for Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions:

1.    Faith Lutheran Church Kindergarten
2.    Hong Kong Christian Service Shek Kip Mei Nursery School
3.    Hong Kong Christian Service Tai Hang Tung Nursery School
4.    Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui St. Thomas' Child Care Centre
5.    Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association Shiu Pong Nursery School
6.    James Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Sham Shui Po)
7.    N.M.S Lutheran Kindergarten
8.    Po Leung Kuk Angela Leong On Kei Kindergarten 
9.    St. Thomas' Church Kindergarten
10.    The Church Of Christ In China Heep Woh Kindergarten
11.    The Church Of Christ In China Shum Oi Church Kindergarten 
12.    The Salvation Army Pak Tin Nursery School
13.    Tsung Tsin Mission Pak Tin Graceful Kindergarten
14.    Tsung Tsin Primary School And Kindergarten
15.    Yau Yat Chuen School

Contact Information

Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions 
Contact no. : 3101 9120
Fax no. : 3101 9206
Address: Room 07-09, 12/F, China Shipbuilding Tower, 650 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon

Social Work Service for Pre-Primary Institutions (District team: Sham Shui Po 3):
Contact no. : 2818 9051
Fax no. : 2818 9256
Address:    Room 01-02, 10/F, Celebrity Commercial Centre, 64 Castle Peak Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon