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Heep Hong Society


Chief Executive Officer
Ms Rachel Leung
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Dr Kuo Chun Chuen (Services)

Ms Conny Leung (Administration)
General Manager, SLP
Ms Eva Chan
Regional Manager
Mr Godwin Cheung
Ms Fiona Fong
Mr Kenneth Tsang
Ms Irene Kwok
Ms Ada Chan
Ms Carmen Chan
Ms Clara Tse
Mr Elvis Ng
Ms Sandra Ng
Service Manager
Mr Jerry Wan
Financial Controller
Mr Alan Fung
Head of Human Resources 
Ms Prudence Leung
Head of Information Technology
Mr Mike Ching
Head of Corporate Development
Ms Bonnie Ho
Head of Occupational Therapy Department
Ms Lousia Lai
Head of Speech Therapy Department
Ms Ching Li
Head of Physiotherapy Department
Mr Vincent So
Educational Psychologist
Mr Rex Wong



Chairperson Mrs Eleanor Chan
Vice-Chairperson Dr Peter Wan, MH
Mr Ronnie Wu
Honorary Treasurer 
Mr Larry Kwok, SBS, JP
Directors Mr Alfred Sit, GBS, JP
Dr Anna Hui
Mr Bernie Wong
Mr Derek Lai
Dr Fanny Lam
Mrs Grace Lam
Ms Heidi Hui
Ms Helen Wong
Mr Lee Wing Wai
Ms Linda Chan
Mr Peter Kwan
Honorary Advisers

Mr Larry Kwok, SBS, JP (Legal Adviser)

Mr Derek Lai (Legal Adviser)

Ms Nancy Tsang, JP

Mr David Tse

Mr Tony Yen, SBS, JP (Legal Adviser)



Services Committee

Chairperson Dr Anna Hui
Vice-Chairperson Dr Janet Leung 
Ms. Heidi Hui  Prof. Sin Kuen Fung, MH
Dr Lam Wai Fan, Fanny Dr Poon Mak Sui Man, Rachel
Dr Linda Ho Mr. Hung Wai Shing
Ms. Anna Cheung Ms. Rosa Chow

Ms. Fiona Chak 

Finance Committee

Chairperson Mr Larry Kwok, SBS, JP
Vice-Chairperson Mr Alan Liu
Mr Ronnie Wu Ms Helen Wong
Dr Henry Au-yeung Mr Ivan Cheung
Ms. Imma Ling

Human Resources Committee

Chairperson Mrs Eleanor Chan
Vice-Chairperson Mr Lee Wing Wai
Ms Gloria Chan Mr Derek Lai
Ms Linda Chan Ms Glenda Liu
Ms Angeline Yong  

Fundraising and Communications Committee

Chairperson Dr Peter Wan, MH
Vice-Chairperson Mr Peter Kwan
Ms Bonnie Lam Dr Henry Au-yeung, JP 
Mrs Grace Lam Mr Sammy Fu 
Mr Simon Chau  Mr Edson Chow 
Mr Kelvin Wong Mr Thomas Ho 

 Mr Paul Yip

Working Group on Research & Development

Chairperson Prof Lam Shui Fong
Dr Lorinda Lam Mr Joseph Lau
Dr Yu Lu Dr Lucy Hsu 

Information Technology Committee

Chairperson Mr Bernie Wong 
Vice-Chairperson Dr Peter Wan, MH 
Ms Helen Wong  Mr Richard Chui
Prof. Wong Yu Cheung Mr Patrick Tam
Mr Kiang Kai Yuen Mr Leslie Lam

Ms. Susanna Shen

Working Group on Great Chefs of Hong Kong

Ms Kim Murphy
Vice-Chairperson Mrs Grace Lam
Mr Fergus Fung Ms Susan Jung
Mr Wilson Kwok Ms Samanta Pong
Ms Jessica Man Ms Selina Lok


Steering Committee on Service Projects for Individuals with ASD or ADHD and Their Families

Prof Cynthia Leung Dr Rachel Poon
Mr Yuon Fuk Lung, Eric Prof Chui Yat Hung
Mr Dave Cheung Mr Kan Chun Tat