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Heep Hong Society

Professional Training

Heep Hong provides its services through the largest paediatrics professional team in the welfare and education sector. Its Early Education and Training Centres, Special Child Care Centres, Supportive Learning Project offices, Junior Gateway Club, Parents Resource Centres, Parents' Association and Fathers' Club provide a wide variety of individual, group, play and parent-child activities, and training courses for children with special needs and their families as part of its broader efforts to enhance the overall development of children of different abilities.

Over the years, Heep Hong Society has been providing over 2,000 professional training and education programmes and talks for nearly 70,000 parents, teachers, and practitioners, with an aim of equipping them with appropriate skills and knowledge to help children fully develop their potential. To further respond to the needs of the society, we established the Academy for Professional Education and Development (APED) in September 2014. With the establishment of APED, we will continue to sustain our effort in nurturing talents for the industry and empowering parents to raise their children with special needs.

Apart from providing services to children with special needs and their families in Hong Kong, in recent years, the team has also devoted major effort to promoting an exchange of experience and organising training courses for peer professionals in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Taiwan, with a view to improving rehabilitation services in these places.

The training programmes are delivered by our experienced professional staff and cover topics including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychological services, as well as special subjects including autism and sensory integration. Tailored to cater to the specific needs of individuals and groups, the training programmes are conducted in the form of seminars, workshops and attachment to centres. Courses are also offered outside of Hong Kong, with very positive feedback received from participants.

Academy for Professional Education and Development (APED)

Training Services for Organisations

Professional Development Programme for Kindergarten Teachers

Courses collaborated with Hong Kong Metropolitan University 

Training Services in Greater China

STAR Classroom

Practicum and Training Platform