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Community Paediatric Physiotherapist Certificate Course Open for Enrollment

Community Paediatric Physiotherapist Certificate Course: On-site Preschool Rehabilitation Service (OPRS) — Physiotherapy Strategic Intervention for SEN Children

Module 1: I-Move-to-Learn Embodied Cognitive Training Strategy for SEN Children

Day 1 (Lecture – Online)
• PT perspective for SEN children
• Clinical problems of children with specific learning difficulties
• Relationship between movement and learning

Day 1 PM (Lecture – Online)
• Grounding physiotherapy to promote readiness to learn in school
• I-Move-to-Learn multiple movements training framework
• Research evidence on multiple

Day 2 AM (Lecture and Practicum – Face to face)
• Multiple movements training components
• Experiential lab on learning performance
• Application model

Day 2 PM (Lecture and Practicum – Face to face)
• Integrative application
• OPRS physiotherapy clinical practice
• School tools for frontline OPRS physiotherapists

Cantonese supplemented with English

Details & Online Enrollment