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Heep Hong Society

Sensory Processing and Self-regulation Checklist ( SPSRC)

Children's sensory processing and self-regulation abilities affect their performance on self-care, games, and classroom learning. In the academic and clinical field, it's currently under a paradigm shift period to explain how children encounter difficulties in sensory stimulation.

Through the newly published Sensory Processing and Self-regulation Checklist (SPSRC), Heep Hong shares its findings on the assessment and training methods for children with sensory stimulation difficulties. Between 2011 and 2012, Heep Hong Society conducted a study on 997 Hong Kong typically developing children aged 3-8 and generated a database on their sensory processing and self-regulation performance. Through SPSRC checklist, Heep Hong hopes to provide an effective and practical worksheet, to help therapists develop treatment and intervention plan for local children in need. 

SPSRC includes 130 checklist items, covering children's essential sensory processing and self-regulation performance under normal circumstances. SPSRC norm score can be divided into four levels, including: overall, scope, functions and factors, all together 20 score items, to analyse an individual's ability comparing to other children.