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Heep Hong Society

SCERTS Model Implementation Guide

Heep Hong Society introduced the SCERTS (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Support) Model for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from the US to Hong Kong in 2011 and has since then developed adjustments to maximise its benefits for local children. The model has three major features: (1) it helps children with ASD to improve their motivation for communication and socialising; (2) enhances their problem-solving and emotional regulation competences; and (3) emphasises the importance of transactional support provided by the multi-disciplinary team and parents.

The SCERTS Team of the Society published the SCERTS Model Implementation Guide to facilitate professionals and parents in grasping the specific strategies to help children with ASD. Chapter 1 explains the principles and theory of the SCERTS Model; Chapter 2 provides step-by-step guidelines in applying the SCERTS Model in local settings through three case studies. A complimentary DVD of practical training materials (e.g. emotion cue cards, animation, waiting spinner, timetable and general regulation tips) is included.

For better training, trainers can use the Guide with the free ‘Social Emotion’ iPad and Android app.

This book was sponsored by the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged.

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Price: HK$150
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HK$130 (applicable to parents of children at Heep Hong centres, members of Heep Hong Parents' Association and members of the Junior Gateway Club)


The Training Package for Autistic Children (New Edition)

The Training Package for Autistic Children (New Edition)

The Training Package for Autistic Children (New Edition) is comprised of a set of six books, for use in combination with the Chinese PEP-3. It provides a detailed explanation of the key concepts and teaching strategies of the TEACCH approach as well as over 200 training objectives and 1,000 activities developed with reference but not limited to the Chinese PEP-3 assessment items. They are arranged by level of difficulty, which enables trainers to formulate training plans based on the assessment results. The Package is also an excellent reference for parents. Compared with the old training package, this new version has included an elaborate explanation on the theoretical base, pre-requisite skills and sequence for learning in each of the domains, namely Cognitive Verbal/Pre-verbal, Expressive and Receptive Language, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Visual/Motor Imitation, Social Reciprocity, Affective Expression, and Personal Self-care. The number of training objectives and activities has been significantly increased with tips on modifications and adaptation to suit individual child’s needs. In particular, the training activities in social reciprocity and affective expression have been strengthened to address autistic children’s core deficits in these aspects. A DVD demonstrating the implementation procedures of the TEACCH program is also included to facilitate the trainers’ understanding on the application of the TEACCH model. Buy Now