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Heep Hong Society

Developmental Learning Package - CD-ROM & Picture Cards

This is an electronic system designed to accompany Developmental Learning Package – Curriculum Guide by helping users record the assessment results and then select appropriate training objectives and formulate individual educational plans for children. There are 198 picture cards and a catalogue of assessment tools in the CD-ROM for easy reference in preparation for assessment materials.

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The Activity Guides for Pre-school Education

The Activity Guides for Pre-school Education

Since its first publication in 1986, the Developmental Learning Package has been popular with practitioners and parents in Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland for its practicality.  In the light of its surging demand, the Developmental Learning Package has been duly revised by multi-disciplinary professionals of Heep Hong Society to form The Activity Guides for Pre-school Education, which is composed of a set of six books featuring a full range of activities for training children in six aspects (namely gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, self-care, social and emotion) to equip pre-school practitioners and parents with the knowledge and skills for training children with developmental delay problems or special educational needs. The Activity Guides for Pre-school Education illustrates the theoretical background of different training concepts, and features over 3,300 functional developmental activities in six developmental aspects, namely gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, self-care, social and emotion.  The activities are designed in age sequence (from birth to 6 years old) for training in everyday life, including individual training activities, home programmes, specific therapies and school programmes, etc. Samples and illustration of different teaching and training materials are also provided. The Activity Guides for Pre-school Education is applicable to normal children, and, in particular, children with developmental delay and learning difficulties. It serves as a practical guide for training children with different levels of development after conducting assessment with the aid of the Development Assessment Chart  and identifying the key learning and training objectives for children with the aid of the Developmental Learning Package – Curriculum Guide.  Buy Now
PEP - 3 (Chinese Edition – Revised)  with CD-ROM

PEP - 3 (Chinese Edition – Revised) with CD-ROM

The Chinese Edition of Psychoeducational Profile - Third Edition (hereinafter named as CPEP-3) is translated from the original PEP-3 published by the Division TEACCH of the University of North Carolina in the U.S. PEP-3 is the assessment tool of the TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped CHildren) model which has received worldwide recognition as one the most effective training models for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.   PEP-3 not only includes items for professional assessment, but also incorporated “Caregiver Report” to give a full view of children with autism to trainers. In the Chinese edition, Heep Hong has made reference and adjustment to fit the Chinese culture and unique characteristics of the Chinese population. Since its publication, CPEP-3 has been very popular among the rehabilitation and special education sector in Mainland China, Taiwan, and other Chinese communities. Heep Hong has conducted a reliability and validity study on the CPEP-3, and proved it to be a reliable and valid assessment tool that is suitable for Chinese autistic children. Through the study, we have established for the first time a Chinese norm for children with autism and normal development. These data enable practitioners in Chinese communities to more accurately analyze individual child’s behavior and development. The result of the study has been included in the CPEP - 3 – Revised Version. In this revised version, we have also enhanced the scoring CD, which helps user to calculate the assessment scores and, based on which, a list of suggested training objectives is provided. The user can then consult our newly published “Training Package for Autistic Children (New Edition)” to formulate the training plans with training objectives and activities for the children.  The CPEP - 3 - Revised Version includes a package of Examiner’s Manual, Guide to Item Administration, Picture Book, Caregiver Report, Examiner Scoring and Summary Booklet and Response Booklet as well as a scoring CD plus a full set of assessment tools.