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Touch and Swipe iOS & Android App

Touch and Swipe iOS & Android App

Designed by the physiotherapist team of the Society, the ‘Touch and Swipe’ app includes 10 games for increasing children’s motivation in performing physical activities. Children with severe intellectual disabilities and limited body control can easily play the audio-visual games with simple ‘touch and swipe’ – just as the name suggests. The games incorporate elements of training in various areas such as visual-motor and auditory-motor, basic cognition, social interaction and emotional development. The vivid images and sound effects will keep children engaged and interested. Parents, teachers and rehabilitation therapists will find this app useful not only in training children’s physical abilities but also in helping children learn about everyday life.  

As some children have difficulties with body control, concentration or verbal understanding, adult assistance may be required when using the ‘Touch and Swipe’ app. Adults should ensure that the children are using the tablets properly and safely. 

The app is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store by searching the keywords ‘Heep Hong Society’.

(The app is available in Chinese only)