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Heep Hong Society

Social Emotion iPad App

Social Emotion iPad App

The SCERTS team of Heep Hong Society developed the Social Emotion App based on the framework of the SCERTS Model. The app gives professionals and parents flexibility in using training materials, as well as interactive tools to spur children’s interest in learning different types of emotions and emotion regulation methods. It has the following tools and features:

Visual aids:

Timetable, procedures, task list, timer, waiting spinner, selection table, general regulation tips, drawing pad

Emotional regulation tools:

Emotion cue cards, animations, stories, emotion thermometer, key-ringed emotion cue cards, games

Customised features:

Cantonese or Mandarin audio; Traditional or Simplified Chinese; drawing tools and camera for making new cards

The Social Emotion App is available for free on iPad tablet. Download from Apple App Store now by searching the keywords ‘Heep Hong Society’.

To learn more about the functions and use of this app, please refer to this user manual. 

For better results, trainers and parents can consult the SCERTS Model Implementation Guide.

(This app is available in Chinese only)