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Booklet on Easy Stretching

Booklet on Easy Stretching

The majority of children with special needs suffer from physical developmental problems, in particular, the soft tissue tightness, which adversely affects the daily lives and learning performance of the children, such as their sitting postures in class, writing, getting dressed, cycling and swimming. Passive stretching is one of the most commonly used treatment techniques applied by physiotherapists to ease the soft tissue tightness problem, and facilitate their gross motor development, thereby contributing to a higher quality of life of the children affected.

The publication marshals the clinical experience of the Physiotherapist Team of Heep Hong and is dedicated to parents of children with special needs for their training at home. The booklet expounds on the types and causes of soft tissue tightness, and demonstrates with pictures the skills of stretching children’s neck, body, upper extremities and lower extremities. Parents are advised to follow the instructions and guidelines mentioned in the booklet in doing stretching for their children. Practice always makes perfect!

The booklet was sponsored by the Partnership Fund for The Disadvantaged.

To be distributed for free to parents of children in need of stretching