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Heep Hong Society

‘Early Intervention and Integrated Support for Kindergarten Students with SEN’ Effectiveness Study

The Society has invited the University of Hong Kong to conduct an effectiveness study that tracked the development of the 60 children in the pioneering program from September 2014 to August 2015.

The study included the results of standardized tests of the essential skills and abilities of the 60 children and another 60 children with SEN from 23 kindergartens that received no services from the program. The two groups were not different in their abilities at the beginning but the children in the pioneering program made significant improvement after a year of intervention and performed better than their counterparts in cognitive skills, receptive language skills, expressive language skills, fine motor skills, gross-motor skills and self-directed skills. Significant improvement was not observed in the latter group.

In addition, a total of 142 teachers from the 10 kindergartens in the pioneering program experienced improvement of self-efficacy after the intervention but the teachers from the 23 kindergartens that had no services did not.

The school heads and the teachers in the 10 kindergartens thought highly of the pioneering program. They agreed that it had provided professional support to their students with SEN as well as to the teachers and school systems. The growth and development they witnessed were not only in their students with SEN but also in themselves and their schools.