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Heep Hong Society

Happy Parenting: Joyful Parenting Program Booklet (English/Urdu/Nepali/Hindi)

Happy Parenting: Joyful Parenting Program Booklet (English/Urdu/Nepali/Hindi)

This booklet aims to support parents to foster positive parenting by providing effective and easy-to-understand parenting guidelines. Apart from introducing some basic principles, 10 common parenting pitfalls and 20 parenting strategies have been outlined in the booklet.

Heep Hong Society has been working with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Hong Kong since 2014 to develop “The Happy Parenting Training Program”, which is the first evidence-based local parenting education program specifically designed for parents of preschool children with special needs in Hong Kong. “The Happy Parenting Training Program” and the “Train-the-trainer Workshop” have been implemented for many years. The team has collected feedback from the program facilitators, parents and professionals, as well as taken reference from different guidelines and parenting courses abroad. In 2020, the program content was revised to include the elements of expression and management of emotions, and the program was formally renamed as “Happy Parenting: Joyful Parenting Program”, in the hope of meeting the needs of parents comprehensively.

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