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Heep Hong Society

LetSTalk iPad App2

LetSTalk iPad App2

LetSTalk 2 is a handy Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tool* designed by the Speech Therapist Team of Heep Hong Society with an aim to enhance social and communication skills of children in need. It is designed for children with speech and language difficulties, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

LetSTalk 2 features a collection of 350 pictures of commonly used vocabulary organized in 17 categories - people, action, food, drinks, toys, body parts, feelings and emotions, animals and plants, clothing, daily supplies, transportation, activities, home, places, stationery, attributes, and social terms. Children can express their needs by selecting a single picture or multiple pictures from different categories to form meaningful sentences.

LetSTalk 2 is highly customizable to cater children’s individual needs with the following functions:

  • Add new pictures and voice recording 
  • Re-arrange the order of categories and pictures
  • Place frequently used pictures from more than one categories in one “Custom” page 
  • Enable/disable instant voice output upon choosing a picture and press a button to play the word or sentence
  • Choose Cantonese / Mandarin for voice output and Traditional / Simplified Chinese for text display


LetSTalk 2 – new version enhancements:

  • Easier steps to add new pictures and voice recordings
  • A total of 5 “Custom” pages
  • More user-friendly interface
  • Support tablets and mobile phones

*This app is designed to be an augmentative and alternative communication tool. It is not intended to be a game for children to play or learn by themselves. Please consult speech therapist before using this app.

LetSTalk iPad App 2 is now available for free download from Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store by entering key words, such as “Heep Hong Society” or “LetSTalk iPad App 2”. To prevent eye strain, it is recommended to limit the time for playing this game to no more than 30 minutes each time and not to play on small screens such as that of mobile phones.