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Heep Hong Society

The ADHD Hero

The ADHD Hero

Heep Hong Society launches the first executive function training app in Hong Kong - The ADHD Hero - to help children improve their attention span and learning ability. Developed by an educational psychologist and occupational therapist of Heep Hong Society, the ADHD Hero is a gaming app designed to train 6-12 years old children in executive functions.

Executive functions in a broad sense refer to the abilities to control, organise and execute a series of actions to achieve a predetermined goal. Inhibition, working memory and set-shifting are three of the most important executive functions which affect children’s development of self-control and self-regulation, and consequently the higher-level executive functions (e.g. planning and organsational abilities). Research suggests that weak executive functioning is the core problem of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD). Therefore, to help children with AD/HD, training should target their executive functions.

With 60 diverse games, vivid animation and a reward system, The ADHD Hero aims at enhancing children’s ability to focus and learn through training their inhibition ability and working memory. The app is most suitable for children aged 6-12 with AD/HD while other children can also use the app to train their executive functions ability.    

The ADHD Hero in full version includes all 60 activities with training records and analysis reports available (login account required). Priced at HKD$68, it is now available for download from Apple App Store by entering the key words 'Heep Hong Society' or ‘The ADHD Hero’. A paid verion is now available on Android tablet.  A lite version for trial is also available.

The Blue Planet in the game is hit by heavy pollution and has fallen ill. Let us eliminate the contaminants and save the ailing Blue Planet!

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(This app is available in Chinese only)

Free (LITE version)