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Heep Hong Society

Happy Community iPad App

Happy Community iPad App

Children need to learn the basic social etiquette and acquire the ability to adapt to different people and environment so that they can integrate into society. Children with developmental disorders often feel uneasy and find it challenging to adapt to social situations. In order to help these children, the Special Child Care Worker team of Heep Hong Society developed the Happy Community iPad App, which stores five social stories, including 'dentist appointment’, 'dining at Chinese restaurants’, 'taking public transport’, 'going to the cinema’ and ‘playing at the park’, and the accompanying sequence cards and picture cards.

The Happy Community App offers a number of customised features. Teachers and parents will be able to provide individualised social adaptation training for the children anytime. The user can make as many as eight picture cards and rearrange the sequence of the cards anytime, select Cantonese or Mandarin, and traditional or simplified Chinese. The app is also suitable for mainstream kindergartens to use in thematic teaching.

The App is now available for use from Apple's App Store by entering key words such as 'Heep Hong Society', 'Happy Community’ or ‘social adaptation’. You can simply click here for the Lite Version and click here for the Full Version.

The App is available in Chinese only.

Free (LITE version) ; HK$15 (Full version)