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Heep Hong Society

The Finger Fun Activity Guide (New Edition)

Children’s fine motor skills are interwoven with their daily lives. Most daily activities, ranging from brushing teeth, washing faces, eating to writing, making handicrafts, require the skillful use of fingers and hands. If their fine motor skills are not fine enough, their self-care, playing and in-class learning abilities will also be impaired. For children with fine motor developmental delay, early and proper training provided by parents are instrumental in rectifying the problems.

The publication, based on the clinical experience of the Occupational Therapist Team of Heep Hong Society, covers the fine motor development needs and objectives of children aged up to six, and is compiled of 134 intriguing parent-child activities, which enable children polish their fine motor skills with the aid of commonly used domestic devices and resources, and save parents extra expense for expensive toys.

The publication was written by the Occupational Therapist Team of Heep Hong Society, and published by Sing Tao Publishing Ltd.

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HK$80 (applicable to parents of children at Heep Hong centres, members of Heep Hong Parents' Association and members of the Junior Gateway Club)


The Pre-writing Fun Journey 2 - iPad & Android App (NEW)

The Pre-writing Fun Journey 2 - iPad & Android App (NEW)

The first ever pre-writing training app in Hong Kong developed by Heep Hong Society occupational therapist team – The Pre-writing Fun Journey app officially launches the second edition for free download! The Pre-writing Fun Journey 2 app has added two new categories and some new functions to help adults provide guidance to children in the activities. Children's writing ability could be affected by numerous factors. If a child's handwriting is full of mistakes, such as disproportionate components, clumsy pencil manipulation, missing characters and missing strokes, it might be attributed to his or her poor visual perceptual and visual-motor coordination abilities. The Pre-writing Fun Journey 2 app specifically is designed to address the training needs of children in areas of visual-perceptual and visual-motor coordination abilities. It consists of 960 pre-writing activities with three difficulty levels in eight categories, including form discrimination, figure-ground perception, spatial relations, visual closure, visual-motor coordination, visual sequencing and memory. Through the use of interactive games, and various visual and auditory stimulating effects, it serves to help children develop important pre-writing skills required for future learning. More new features: A new “Confirm” button in the activities to prevent children from choosing a random answer  Provide immediate feedback on whether the answer is correct or not to assist parents or teachers in guiding children Include illustrations of correct sitting and pen-holding postures Keep track of children's progress in the account records   The Pre-writing Fun Journey 2 app is now available for free download from Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store by entering key words, such as “Heep Hong Society” or “Pre-writing Fun Journey 2”. To prevent eye strain, it is recommended to limit the time for playing this game to no more than 30 minutes each time and not to play on small screens such as that of mobile phones. The first edition of the Pre-writing Fun Journey app won the “Best Digital Inclusion (Product / Application) Certificate of Merit” in Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014 in recognition of its effectiveness in laying solid foundations for the development of handwriting skills of children of different abilities.