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The Wonderful Learning Tour

The Wonderful Learning Tour

The Wonderful Learning Tour CD-ROM is produced by Heep Hong Society to help pre-school and junior primary school students acquire general knowledge through a number of intriguing and interactive computer games. Copies are out for sale now!

Sponsored by the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, the thematic-based game CD-ROM is composed of a wide range of vivid and interesting interactive games on six themes, namely seasons, animals, environmental protection, food, community amenities, and behaviour and emotion, for parents and teachers to selectively use as learning materials for pre-school and junior primary children.

Most of the games in the CD-ROM are divided into two levels of difficulties. The “track record” also allows teachers and parents to keep track of the performance and progress of children in learning.

Membership Price:
HK$72 (applicable to parents of children at Heep Hong centres, members of Heep Hong Parents' Association and members of the Junior Gateway Club)